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About Dr. Saeks


Steve Saeks

Dr. Stephen Saeks

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Dr. Saeks is a licensed clinical psychologist and a licensed acupuncturist. He opened 2 Roads Crossing Healthcare in 2004 to provide state of the art treatment in both specialties.

Using his diverse skills and knowledge — separately and sometimes together — Dr. Saeks addresses his patients’ psychological and physical needs. He believes that emotional and physical functioning are intimately interconnected and that by addressing both areas simultaneously he can provide a more comprehensive and effective treatment.

Clinical Psychology

Steve received his PhD in Clinical Psychology in 1988 from the University of Hawaii. He then completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in clinical psychology and clinical neuropsychology at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas. After completing his fellowship he worked for Menninger for 12 years, the last six as Director of Group Psychotherapy and Coordinator of Group Psychotherapy Training for the Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry.

Dr. Saeks specializes in individual and group psychotherapy, working with professionals, people who have experienced trauma, and individuals with addiction issues.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Article about Dr. Saeks by Molly McKenna, PhD, was published in the 2005 March/April edition of the bulletin of the Oregon Psychological Association.

Dr. Saeks became interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in 1975, and spent many years learning on his own about this multidisciplinary field. When he and his family moved to Portland, Oregon, in 2000, Dr. Saeks enrolled in the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine where he completed his formal training in TCM.

Steve's initial interest in TCM was in traumatology — the understanding and treatment of physical injuries — and sports medicine. Over the years he expanded his study of TCM to explore the role it could play in the treatment of stress, addictive behaviors, and other psychological conditions.

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