Traditional Chinese medicine in Beaverton, Oregon with Dr. Stephen Saeks
Traditional Chinese medicine in Beaverton, Oregon with Dr. Stephen Saeks
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What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Acupuncture treatment roomTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a holistic medicine that views each person in his or her entirety. A very individualized medicine, TCM focuses on helping the individual achieve balance.

Balance Means Optimal Health

In TCM, balance is a state of optimal health and is achieved using these branches of TCM:

  1. acupuncture
  2. herbal medicine
  3. therapeutic massage (Tui Na)
  4. Qi Gong (specialized therapeutic movements and exercises)
  5. nutrition

Common Conditions Treated by TCM

Additional Information

List of conditions for which acupuncture is approved, from The World Health Organization.

Acupuncture Video (be sure your computer's speakers are on)

Article about Dr. Saeks by Molly McKenna, PhD, was published in the 2005 March/April edition of the bulletin of the Oregon Psychological Association.

Through the use and integration of these methods, TCM provides useful treatment for a wide variety of conditions.

    • musculo-skeletal problems (such as low back pain, sciatica or tennis elbow)
  • breathing problems (such as asthma, allergies and symptoms of the common cold)
  • women’s health issues (such as pelvic pain, irregular or painful menses and infertility)
  • painful conditions (such as headache, and TMJ), and many types of sports injuries
  • disease prevention
  • stress reduction

Traditional Chinese Medicine is thousands of years old and is now accepted and practiced throughout the world by practitioners of many nationalities and backgrounds.

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