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What is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical psychology is the field of psychology that deals directly with people's behaviors and emotions, and the interaction of the two. At 2 Roads Crossing, I view my role as two-fold.

  1. First, I use my skills and training to help people more effectively address difficulties or issues they are experiencing, such as stress, anxiety, depression, and other related issues.
  2. Second, I use my skills and understanding to help people maintain good physical and mental health, and to aid them in trying to prevent serious problems from arising.

Psychotherapy is a Collaborative Process

I view psychotherapy as a collaborative process that is always individualized and based on the needs of the patient. The cornerstone to such a collaboration is developing a strong therapeutic alliance between myself and the person(s) with whom I am working. From our first contact I work continuously to develop and maintain this alliance and the accompanying therapeutic environment in which my patients can do the work they want to do.

Strong therapeutic alliances have been shown to be the most important factor in people having a positive response to therapy. A strong alliance allows the patient to feel safe, understood, and encouraged to be himself or herself and to more openly explore the issues that brought them into therapy.

Talk Therapy

As a psychologist, I utilize "talk therapies." I meet with individuals, couples, or groups to talk about and discuss what is happening in their lives. Unlike casual social interactions, these sessions are focused on one person or group or couple: their thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, wishes, and any other issues they want to discuss. Together, we explore these issues and work to help the patient better understand their thoughts and feelings, and to be more comfortable with themselves. Self knowledge and self-acceptance is a major key to happier, healthier living.

Stephen D. Saeks, PhD, LAc
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