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Herbal liniments, washes, and powders to treat traumatic injuries.

In 1975, my first Tai Chi teacher introduced me to Chinese Medicine by treating a sparring injury with a non-descript brown liquid from an equally non-descript brown bottle. The results were amazing and my journey into Traditional Chinese Medicine was underway.

Over the intervening 35 years, I have worked hard to learn about the treatment of traumatic injuries with Traditional Chinese Medicine, and more specifically, to develop herbal formulas to treat such injuries. The result of my study and work is the following assortment of liniments, washes, and powders.

I am aware that there are as many different liniments or "jows" as there are people to make them, and that all have their merits. I am also aware that many of these "jows" come with multiple claims about their efficacy and lineage; and such claims can make it very difficult to decide which product to buy. Rather than add to the confusion, my goal is to make choosing easier.

All our products have been used successfully over time with patients, family and friends, and on myself. Try them. I believe you will find them a valuable addition to your personal medicine chest.

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